Sunday, June 10, 2018

2018 Movie Review: Deadpool 2

I haven’t watched the Deadpool 1 movie so I don’t have enough resources to make comparisons but as my brother would put it, the second installment was way much better than the first. The initial offering sets the tone and origin of the character while the second one focuses mainly on story with more wit, depth and amusement. You could read his review here: 

Having been known for its profanity, violent themes and casual jokes, the first few minutes of the second movie got me like I wouldn’t enjoy this one and it would be such a pain in the a** to sit through its two-hour runtime. I could use some sleep you know but I was wrong. 

Deadpool (Wade Wilson) is not the stereotype main cast that we are all too familiar with but he is this antihero who defies the norm. In my case, the story started to pick up when a tragedy transpired and Colossus appeared to rescue Wade from the mess.

He then started as a “trainee” to somehow save the other mutants by letting them accept their strengths as a good thing rather than a curse.

What could have been a job well done catapulted a series of events that were monumental for Wade to grow as a character and for the story to progress further. 

The idea of time travel excites me but it can get too baffling at times especially if it is an unknown timeline. With a cast that is interconnected, you’ll be glued to the screen to know what will happen next such as the formation of the X-Force that got me and the whole cinema bursting in laughter. The scenes are filled with adventure, drama and comedy with matching definitive musical score in between. 

The film may spew raunchy dialogues and the ending may be a bit clich├ęd, but at the end of the day it’s about what moved me throughout the film and that’s having a sense of belongingness and being able to save the world even if you’re not the best person out there.

What do you guys think?

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