Sunday, June 3, 2018

2018 Movie Review: Ready Player One

Over the course of time, I have learned that there would be some variations when it comes to film adaptations, such as the case of The Twilight Saga and The Harry Potter series. And more often than not, I get disappointed with how the films were produced (considering of course that I have read the book). But then again, I have realized that such literary pieces would be open to artistic interpretation and imagination. 

With Ready Player One, I must admit that I was not aware of the source material (shame on me, yes). I have only come to know the film through trailers shown in theaters. I have high hopes for this since this is something that comes from Steven Spielberg who is famous for his cinematic works. 

I was entertained from start to finish or maybe because the plot revolves around video games and virtual reality (VR).

The film being established in 2045 with a VR world known as the OASIS as the “in” thing to do or rather an escape from a dystopian world, I was kind of expecting fresh and modern characters but most of them were connected with 80’, 90’s and early 2000 pop culture (the web has it that there are about a hundred references).

Only then I realized that the creator Halliday is mostly influenced by the aforementioned generations. That being said, I knew that this is something that I would truly appreciate as I grew up with gaming consoles such as Atari, Family Computer, Play Station and Pac-man and Super Mario Bros. and the like. 

You could just imagine how visually appealing the movie is since 90% were focused on the VR game where players try to solve the three riddles in exchange of full ownership of the OASIS.

You’ll feel engrossed with the mis/adventures and journey and how the protagonists try to crack the codes, get the keys, move on to the next level and finish the quest. You will easily forget what the riddles were all about but you will take pleasure on the eye candy shown on the screen.

Note that there are a lot of players competing for the grand prize including industry giant Innovative Online Industries. There’s no doubt about the competition since anyone can be what they want to be in a make-believe environment. 

Ready Player One has breathtaking images, graphics and sound effects to boot and little surprises here and there to equally match an extraordinary story to keep you wanting for more in the next two hours or so.

In my opinion, a second installment is in the works with how the film ended – a Ready Player Two perhaps? 

At the end of the day, while we get immersed with how powerful we can be in virtual reality and fantasy, it is still best to unplug once in a while, reintegrate ourselves in the real world, take part and connect in the reality that grows as true and authentic.

What's your opinion about the movie? Let us know your thoughts in the comment box below.

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