Friday, June 8, 2018

Freezer Burn Ice Cream Parlor

I tend to gravitate towards confections that look so decadent and taste just as delectable. Sweets that seem to be especially curated by the pros always get me. Great ideas also count too! So when Freezer Burn got in my radar, I knew I needed to check what they offer. 

For me, the brand name on its surface means cold desserts and frozen treats. 

Only after getting in the store, chomping down a spoon or two and indulging myself with my order did I come to understand the concept behind the whole picture – pardon my buffering mind. 

 It took me a while to figure out that it’s an amalgamation of hot and cold desserts. 

Simply put, you get the following combinations: Dark Chocolate ice cream with churros;

or Burnt Butter Custard with brownies plus a serving of cotton candy. 

Freezer Burn is analogous to Winter and Summer to cold and hot.

They offer milkshakes, ice cream floats and sampler bowls as well. 

I am doing this review recognizing the fact that taste is relative. The surprising combos are suddenly growing into me. You can mix and match anything you fancy. However, some did not make it in my list such as the ketchup mayo ice cream – something is really off with the flavor (well, at least for me). It may be reminiscent of the days when I try to dip salty fries in vanilla soft serve. Or maybe that’s it… I did not try the ice cream with fries. 

I do love the idea of pairing cakes and ice cream that could satisfy a sweet tooth in a one-stop shop. But as they say, some good things may come to an end. 

As of this writing, the store is already closed and I haven’t heard of any news for a re-opening. I’m just glad that I was able to realize my Freezer Burn experience.


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